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Coaches, Consultants, and Mentors:

Add a Signature Coaching Program and Double or Triple Your Reach and Change More Lives

Add a Signature Coaching Funnel That changes lives and Enrolls Clients Fast.

How to Create Your Own Signature Coaching Business

I am going to teach the exact formula for building a Signature Coaching Business that has:

✔ A high level $15k- $35k coaching/consulting level
✔ A mid level $8k – $12k coaching consulting level
✔A core offer at $2000 ish

✔ PLUS – what has to be on your site to be credible
✔ How to Sell at $2000
✔ And where $2000 Level Traffic Comes From

All in all, I am going to show you a formula where you can easily see YOU can have a $100k business!!

In this powerful webinar training, I'll show you how easy it is to start your own coaching program and start enrolling clients soon, and have recurring and yearly revenue. Register Here

Are you frustrated because you are coaching 1-1 but burnt out . . .

And feel like you aren't helping everyone you can (even though you can't take on another single coaching client or you'll break?

How would it feel to have a core Signature Coaching Program, selling on autopilot using automated video or webinar, to systematically teach what you teach 1-1, but to a group of clients?

Do you want to create a Signature Coaching  Business but don't know the steps?

With a Signature Coaching Business, you take the core concepts you teach 1-1, create a set of videos teaching 1 to many, then hold a weekly or monthly coaching call to answer questions . . . change more lives and you actually make more revenue.

But . . .

you hate spending hours and hours coaching for free for most people to say, I'll think about it, you've discovered that membership programs are hard to maintain and build and don't get clients real results anyway, free trials and books consume tons of energy but result in only a few good clients, and out of control group coaching just frustrates you.

If that's the case, you are in the right place, because before I developed the Signature Coaching Funnel, I struggled with all those things too, and couldn't build my coaching business the way I desired.


Business man

Here's what I've discovered works so much better:

You see, when a clients is first introduced to you and they need what you have, that moment is your ideal moment to present to them your highest level work so that they can get the best results.

If they then self-select as wanting a smaller package from you, each ensuing package feels like a better value.

Therefore, but creating 3 Signature Coaching Programs, for example, high ticket at $5000 - $10,000, mid range at an affordable $1000 - $2000, and a totally independent monthly solution, your clients have self-select their best level of access to you, because on day 1 they have all the options.

You don't have to sell them 1-1, you don't have to lead them through some silly funnel, using the Signature Coaching Funnel, you can get clients in as little as 3 days.

Hey Sean!

I just wanted you to know that you are a beacon of light that once it has shined on you.. it will change your life. I can tell that you out alot of thought and energy into all of the products that you introduced to the public. I am honored that I am able to experience you on this level... soon GOd is going to take you above the stratosphere! Your awesome! I believe in you. Keep going as you are an inspiration to many. Continue to let God work in and through you ... he is using you to fan the flame in everyone that you encounter.

Thank you. Jirard  

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