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2020 Mastermind

Note: we are doing an end-of-the-year blitz, the new Mastermind Training and access will be on a new page:

2020 Mastermind Access (End of Year Blitz)

Archived Past Training (Prior to End of the Year Blitz):

A look inside one of my youtube ad campaigns, and we discuss the peculiarities of a Consulting Campaign, and some of the methods I personally use that combine ads with content and credibility

Last week's Mastermind Will Teach You The Steps to Creating a Lasting Consulting Business That Will Thrive During This Economic Crisis:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Last Week's Mastermind will teach you the exact process for:

Creating a $5k Consulting Package

Enrolling Clients Predictably at $5k

Riding the Current Wave of Consulting Momentum caused by the Crisis, to build a machine that predictably enrolls multiple $5k clients per month

Here is the recording, this was deep and complete:

How to Build a $5k Leveraged Group Consulting Program and Get Clients


Bonus Trainings:

Success Breakthrough 2020

Mastermind Training

Welcome to the 2020 Mastermind!

We'll hold 2020 Mastermind calls at 1 PM ET on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

This month's is the 2nd and 3rd week, as New Year's week we skipped.

The call access will be listed to the right, then generally with 48 hours the recording will be posted to the right.

The core training system for building your Signature Coaching Business is here:

Signature Coaching Training System

Templates to upload to duplicate my Signature Coaching Business Website:

Obviously, these are the core pages, they come with full directions for uploading (or you can copy them if you don't want to use Beaver Builder):

Use this page and the directions, to download, upload, and use!

2020 Mastermind

To review 2019 Coaching Calls:

Inner Circle Training Calls Archive

This is a powerful opportunity, and this is YOUR opportunity!

Friend, take action - this is YOUR year for launching your evergreen and Signature Coaching Business!


Mastermind Recordings


July 16th:

Mastermind Prepare for the Future

July 9th:

How to Use Workshops to Jumpstart Your Coaching Or Consulting Business - Real World Plan

June 25th:

Create Webinar Signup and Connect With Zoom

June 18th:

This was mostly discussion with clients . . .not a ton of training (not recording friendly!!)


June 11th:

Powerpoint Demonstration Part 1

Powerpoint Demonstration Part 2

May 28th

Illustration of My Own Core Funnel

Illustration Discussion

Link to enroll in Consultant Scale Mentoring and get 3 hours 1-1

May 14th

2 Step High Ticket Consulting Webinar Campaign

2 Step High Ticket Consulting Webinar Campaign Q and A

May 7th

Discussion of Impact of Quarantine on Life and Business

April 30th:

How to Hold a Live Event and Turn it into an Evergreen Product

Live Q and A

April 23rd:

High Level Funnel Overview High Ticket Funnel

April 16th:

How to Grow Your Business During a Crisis

Client Discussion/Coaching

April 9:

21 Day Conversion Campaign Deep Explanation

21 Day Conversion Campaign Companion Doc

April 2:

How to Identify Needs in Your Market and Meet Them Quickly

Sales Funnel for a Coaching Membership

Overview of Process of Inviting Prospects Into the Funnel

Demonstration of using linkedin to find targeted prospects

Today's Client Work

Mar 26:

How to Get Clients From Scratch on Linkedin

Discussion Afterwards

Mar 19:

Big Economic Shift From CoronaVirus Impact - 1st Discussion, Groundwork

Mar 12:

High Ticket Pricing Based on Results

Short Discussion About High Ticket Pricing

Mastermind Q and A

Mar 5:

Discussion About Adding Lessons to a Coaching Membership Area

How to Create and Run a Laser Coaching Business

Demonstration of How I Configure My Calendar

Feb 27:

4 Layer High Ticket Coaching Business Overview

Q and A Mastermind Call

Feb 20:

How to Create the Content for Your Coaching Membership

How to Create the Content for Your Coaching Membership - Discussion

Sample Coaching Membership Download Page

Feb 13:

Core Training: Coaching Membership Model

Coaching Q and A - Questions about Coaching Membership Model PLUS Coaching Cynthia

Demonstration of Delegating a Webinar Script to Make Into a Powerpoint

Feb 6 Mastermind: Audience Building and Focus

Audience Building and Focus


Recording Access, Thursday Jan 16th - why I contemplated quitting and my new model for 2020

above-referenced training:

Watch Me Work With a Client and Determine Clients Needs for Success Coaching Program Launch

2020 Mastermind Kickoff Jan 09,2020


(normally 1st and 3rd Thursdays, next live training is scheduled for Thursday August 6th at 1 PM ET:



To join me live today and learn and ask questions:

August 6th 2020 Mastermind Access - 1 PM ET

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