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Business Plan for Big Growth

I talked with a client/colleague a few minutes ago (yes, like I told her . . . I take action fast . . if I like something, it might be incomplete action, incorrect action, or spot on – but I usually take action fast or not at all (if I get an idea and wait 48 hours it’s probably NOT going to be done)

Anyhow, we talked about:

her game plan for the new year and we worked on big growth plan for her

she gave me intense feedback on what I did wrong in my last campaign

we both discussed client “stuff” at a high level . .

Listen here ==>> This is a deep look behind the scenes, and you’ll gain great insight if you choose to listen

Think about this:

She’s my client

AND I’m her client (she does the amazing new web page designs on my site)

and we are BOTH colleagues in the industry

I’ve talked a lot lately about networking and building relationships . . this is not only an example of how that can work, but of massive planning at a high level.


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