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This Business is Just Too Hard for Most People

it’s so hard most fail


not some


the ones that succeed

are the ones who commit

absolutely determine they WILL be successful

are YOU going to commit . . or fail?

Proverbs 28:19 says:

Those who work their land will have abundant food,
    but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.

Your land is your website, your coaching program, your expert presence

if you don’t have a website, a coaching program, and an expert

presence you will LIKELY fail in today ‘s market.

Here’s the thing . . . you have to absolutely determine you will succeed

then map a plan

then DO the plan

for example, $100k in 2020:

1) create a $1000 coaching program

2) sell 2 per week

3) at a 2% conversion, you need 100 leads per week

4) where to get 100 leads per week?

5) write a daily email that is motivational and encouraging (like this)

That’s pretty much it.

You might have to innovate

when I got started I had to innovate . . . . I couldn’t find good traffic, so I started

writing articles . . . 10, 20 per day

Now, that strategy isn’t as effective as it used to be.

What IS effective today is the Expert Sources of traffic

these are NOT talked about because they are a bit of hard work

(who likes hard work)

and pretty much only really experts do them

of course, you CAN do them if you are not a real expert . . and then people will THINK you are on expert

re-read that last sentence

did you catch something?

if you DO the expert traffic methods . . . . people will SEE you as an expert

Now, I’m not saying to con anyone.

You DO WANT to be an expert, right?

what will it take to become an expert?

Do you need to study 5 hours a week in your niche to become an expert?

Then why not do it?

Here are the expert sources:

Hold summits

Hold giveaways

Start a podcast and invite an expert guest every day

Invite yourself to THEIR podcasts as THEIR guest

Interview experts on your site (imagine if for the last 365 days

you had interviewed one expert per day, what would your site

be like today, with 365 expert interviews.

That’s how the experts get the traffic.

There are nuances.

You simply have to commit to learn them.

Stop jumping around, CHOOSE to be an expert

present as an expert

invite experts (hint: experts LOVE to be interviewed)

figure it out

ask questions

find a way


here’s the formula again:

2 $1000 coaching clients (that’s group coaching, friend) per week

to do that, need 100 leads per week

to get 100 leads per week, get on the expert interviewing circuit

it’s easy

just do what I’ve been teaching in the traffic class

reach out to experts and invite them to be on your show, your podcast, your site

your anything

I could keep going

but this really is simple

but it’s hard at the same time

are you up for the challenge?

are YOU going to MAKE $100k a reality next year

or are you going to let it pass you by?


P.S. If you are struggling because you don’t have content in your coaching

program so it’s not DEAD at first – team up with an expert and use HIS or HER

content in your program, then just interview experts for your coaching calls


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