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Exclusive Signature Coaching Business Reseller License

--> You can resell these just as they are, using my sales copy and your payment buttons

--> You can package these into a coaching membership of your own

--> You can package these into a coaching membership of your own, and then leverage that into a 100% YOURS coaching program within a few months (with my training as background)

--> You can use these in any of your programs and coaching programs



But what I personally believe is the most powerful part of this arrangement, is this:

You could create a $997 combo package, sell 10 units of that, then go with a $97 a month membership.

now, there's one thing I would suggest . . . don't just put them into a membership and then leave it alone . .

Instead, begin holding YOUR OWN weekly coaching call each week

And ADD your coaching call recording to the membership each week . .

So that by the end of next year, YOU have a bona-fide membership that's primarily YOUR CONTENT not mine

But you can simply study one of my trainings each week, then re-teach my training as yours, each week . . .

It's a powerful strategy, and it's a powerful way to set YOURSELF up as a bona-fide coach teacher in 2020 . . .

Obviously, I've given you some ideas of what you can do with these training programs

Now, you'll not only get full access to the download pages, you'll get the sales material for each of them so that you can re-write as your own sales letters (and 2 of them are webinar scripts, you can record with your name, position my training as "membership material" and immediately begin reteaching for your OWN call each week . .

Now, I know that might sound complicated - but honestly it's not

and to make it really EASY

I'm going to hold a special Mastermind Training session for Resellers to TEACH YOU how to leverage this into YOUR OWN coaching program in 2020 . .

So that you can use these as the jumping-off point for YOUR OWN $1000 or more yearly coaching program - almost like a "crutch" for the first year - and start holding your own weekly coaching call by reteaching what I teach on my own mastermind calls in 2020 . . so you are teaching hot and fresh, cutting edge material - in your own words . . . and adding it to your program!

I will be adding the links to each component, over the course of the next few days, but wanted you to have what's ready now without delay:

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