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Here are the instructions

for uploading Beaver Builder Page templates


Go to your WordPress Dashboard

Go to Tools --> Click on Import

Scroll to bottom to the Title WORDPRESS

and then click on Run Importer

Then click on Browse and select the file from your hard drive that you have downloaded from above.

Click on Upload File and Import.

Next, you will need to Assign Authors.

Usually, you select . . . or assign posts to an existing user, select from drop-down box the user.

Check the box Download and import file attachments

Click on Submit

The Pre-Built Beaver Builder Templates will now be added to Your Templates Tab.

Using Your Templates

Create a New Page (or if you have a page already created, close and reopen Beaver Builder)

Go to + at the top of the Beaver Builder Editing Page and Click on Templates

Click on Group

From the drop-down select Saved Templates

Here you will see 4 new templates called

Website Home Page
Signature Program Sales Page
Signature Program Thank You Page
Signature Program Members Download Page

Select the one you want to use

Click on it and it will add to the page

If you have existing content on the page it will ask you:

What would you like to do?

Replace Existing Layout

Amend to Existing Layout

Choose your preference and the template will be set up as the sample pages above.

Training Videos

Note: these videos were made using a different template, but the instructions are the same for this set of templates:

PLUS - Big KUDOS to Tina Fletcher at who created these templates . .

Uploading the Template to your WordPress Website

Setting Up the Customize Section of your Theme.
The Theme used in the tutorial is Astra (it is a free theme that works well with Beaver Builder)

Setting Up the Summit -Giveaway Main Page

Setting Up the Summit -Giveaway Thank You Page

Creating Graphics Using

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